Photospot 7 - The next new stock for Longstone

A few photos of the next lot of new stock.

Loco No. 3, a new Smallbrook Studio "Pierrot"kit, to resemble a tiny Hunslet, and named "Triton".

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The bogie coach was found to be too large, so was completely dismantled and re-built slightly smaller.  This is a peek inside the shed when the main body had been altered.

The re-built coach is drawn out of the shed.

Undergoing work on one of the two new four-wheeled coaches.

The two completed vehicles.  
These and the bogie coach were made with Wills Tongue & Groove Boarding, and Sheet and Batten Roofing sheets mounted onto Plastruct angle frames.  The bogie coach runs on a Lima "00" scale PTA wagon chassis and the 4-wheeled coaches run on Dapol "00" 10ft wagon chassis.

Eventually, eight Sidelines Bulkhead Flat wagons were added to the goods stock for the Mill.

More Sidelines kits, a Goods Van and Tank wagon.

This tool chest wagon is by an unknown manufacturer (to me).

Two of these Smallbrook Studio Decauville "Inspection Coaches" were lowered by 10mm and became open passenger coaches.

Another Smallbrook "Columbine" loco was purchased and became No.4 "Delta".