Photospot 6 - More buildings

Photospot 6 - More buildings

Station building for "The Whitsend Tramway" built from a Wills Corrugated Iron Chapel

I have always liked making buildings, they give the layout atmosphere.  Here is another selection of structures I have built.  I readily admit that they are not detailed replicas of proper buildings, but they have served my purpose because I can build a particular structure for a particular site, or layout, and some of the micro layouts demand small buildings.

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 The Chapel and "Beck Loft" cottage at Whitsend.  
Models of actual buildings (from photographs) in Runswick Bay, North Yorkshire.

An awful scanned 35mm print of  the front of "Castleby" station building from about 2001, inspired by the Wantage Tramway office in Mill Street, Wantage.

A brick chapel based on one in Stanton, near Bury St Edmunds.

Under construction photo and completed model of an old Post Office based on a building in Metfield, Suffolk.

A sanded Coarse Stone and Corrugated Iron engine shed.

Waney Edge board and pan tile stable block and cart shed.

Row of actual Suffolk cottages in St Margaret South Elmham, Suffolk, and the model, which was  based on them (before the extensions were added and the original end chimneys were taken down).

On all of my buildings I built and detailed the rear of the structure, even if it could not be seen on the layout.  This is the rear of the semi-detached cottages on Raven Gill.

Yard office and waiting room based on the Wisbech & Upwell Tramway's Elm Bridge Depot at Emneth.

An unusual, quaint cottage based on one in Walsham Le Willows, Suffolk.

The parts cut out for a road over bridge using Wills Dressed Stone and Brick arch overlays.

The finished bridge.

The top of the bridge showing the lane and kerb stones.

Fisherman's shed at Whitsend inner harbour.

Also at Whitsend "South View" cottage.

Applying the all important paint job using Humbrol enamels.