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Hawkins Tower

HAWKINS TOWER - 2009 (Layout 16)
Hawkins Tower started off as another donated baseboard kindly given to me by a group member.  He had built the board as a starter layout in 009, it was superbly made from 6mm mdf, and painted.  The track was laid, but no scenery appeared.  I suggested it would be a good scenic project for my wife.  She wanted a lake in the centre of the continuous run, so I cut out an area, it was painted, then filled with polyester resin and varnished to form the water surface.  
Bagnall 0-4-0 "Leader" running around the lake.   The boat house is on the left and the folly "Hawkins Tower" is on the right.
We then decided between us what the theme would be, and it became part of an old Victorian Park where the old railway would be run by volunteers who had restored the line running trains at weekends.  I built three little buildings, then handed the layout over to my wife to do what she wanted with the scenery.
"Leader" is seen running round …


FOTHERHAM - 2009 Layout 15

The inspiration for this little layout came from Carl Arendt's book "Creating Micro Layouts", and on page 45 is a "Starter Layout for UK and U.S. Modellers".  I already had a baseboard for it given to me by dear old Ray Fothergill, he had intended to build an "N" scale layout on it, but had never got around to it.  I said I would one day build a 009 layout on it, and I have again named it after him.

The board was 51" x 7.5" (about 1.3m x .20m), very sturdily made from Sundeala and 2 x 1 timber but had no back scene, so I added this myself.  It featured a small integral fiddle yard, goods siding, passenger station and a kick-back siding to a coal yard of which this part of the layout was in front of the fiddle yard recess and was only about 4" wide.

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No. 4 in the coal yard.
This was a tiny portable coal chute I made for the coal yard which can be seen on the left of the photo above.

The Whitsend Tramway

THE WHITSEND TRAMWAY - 2006  (14th layout)

"Liassic" at "Two Bridges".
After a couple of visits to the North York Moors coast, Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay and Runswick Bay area, I had become attracted to the lovely village structures, and watching "Heartbeat" on TV every week made me even more interested in the area and it's atmosphere.  So, when considering a new layout to replace "Carne", it was this region I wanted try to model.
The standard gauge along this part of the coast ran at a high level around and along cliff tops, but I just wanted to try to model and run a fictitious tramway around a village, trying to capture the 1960's atmosphere, colours and buildings (but altogether in reality it would be a very unlikely scene).
I knew the general scheme I wanted, but my plans shifted as I built the layout, and I found out how difficult it is to get enough space to model a proper "roadside tramway" on small boards.  There wer…

Photospot 4 - The NSNGM Challenge entries.

PHOTOSPOT 4Our current local group, the "Norfolk & Suffolk Narrow Gauge Modellers" has so far held 3 Open Day Exhibitions in Beccles in early March each year with a 4th to be held in a few weeks time (as of today's date).  At each of these we have presented a Group Challenge competing for the annual "Cup".
In 2015 the challenge was the 2 Square Foot Challenge, to build an operating scenic layout in 288 square inches in any shape the group member designed.  In 2016 we had the "Railcar Challenge", and in 2017 it was to build a Railway-served Building with the interior modelled and visible.
Here were my entries:

2015:  Raven Gill
"Raven Gill" is really just a larger version of my 2001 layout "Grunblewick Coombe", but perhaps a little better modelled.

Virtually the whole layout can be seen here.  I was able to squeeze-in an extra siding in the station somehow.  Quarry Hunslet "Lloyd" is heading for the fiddle-yard traverser be…

Norfolk Group Modules - "Mk.2"

NORFOLK GROUP MODULES MK.2 - 1999 - 2004 In 1999 I noticed our Norfolk Group meetings were getting a little dull.  We had a stable group membership for several years now, with very few new people coming along.  I needed to try to get a little more enthusiasm, so I proposed a new modular layout.  I suggested smaller modules, 3ft x 1ft in size - easier to move, easier to store.  The drawings I took along proposed a control/fiddle yard module to be used in any position, and separate scenic modules with all-round back scenes to depict individual dioramas like our first project.
Opinions about the project were guarded at first, but then all of a sudden the idea took hold, enthusiasm was high, wood was cut and a start was made.
The track joins were 3" from the front, and basically the modules were built with a frame and track bed of 9mm ply wood and were 75mm deep, supported on trestles.  We used 6-pin din plugs and jump leads to transfer power along the layout to neighbouring modules…