Photospot 4 - The NSNGM Challenge entries.


Our current local group, the "Norfolk & Suffolk Narrow Gauge Modellers" has so far held 3 Open Day Exhibitions in Beccles in early March each year with a 4th to be held in a few weeks time (as of today's date).  At each of these we have presented a Group Challenge competing for the annual "Cup".

In 2015 the challenge was the 2 Square Foot Challenge, to build an operating scenic layout in 288 square inches in any shape the group member designed.  In 2016 we had the "Railcar Challenge", and in 2017 it was to build a Railway-served Building with the interior modelled and visible.

Here were my entries:

2015:  Raven Gill

"Raven Gill" is really just a larger version of my 2001 layout "Grunblewick Coombe", but perhaps a little better modelled.

Virtually the whole layout can be seen here.  I was able to squeeze-in an extra siding in the station somehow.  Quarry Hunslet "Lloyd" is heading for the fiddle-yard traverser behind the pub and folly tower.

"The Raven" pub with the folly behind.  On top of the tower the local eccentric is feeding the ravens before his evening "pint", just down the steps.

The small station at Raven Gill.

I will add more pictures and information about this layout in a later post.

2016: The Railcar

A fictitious Ford rail bus made using a die-cast engine compartment and radiator, and a continental horse tram body.  I scratch built the cab and steps etc.

The rail bus ran on a Kato 4w chassis.

Rear quarter view.

2017: The Dead Shed

For my "Railway Building with Modelled Interior" I think I "lost it!".  
This is "The Dead Shed".  Many years ago an old narrow gauge railway closed down, leaving some of the stock in the running shed to rust and decay, along with the shed itself.  The local "un-dead" from the nearby graveyard visit the railway shed most nights and mess around on the trains.  Here it is, pictured complete with the cobwebs added a couple of days before the exhibition to try and keep them intact.

Pictured before the very delicate cobwebs were added, zombie type beings play around causing havoc spilling oil and breaking levers.  The pit and night sky are lit by L.E.D's, and a lightning flash module lights up the sky for a split second. 

The un-dead appear from the pit.

Outside, nature reclaims an old carriage, and around there are a fox, a hare, an owl, cats and crows.