I have been modelling 009 scale (4mm or "00" scale on 9mm gauge track) model railways since the early 1980's and have found the hobby creative and enjoyable.  Initially I ran my layouts at home, but from 1992 I started exhibiting at local shows with a few friends in the "Norfolk 009 Group", then later I preferred exhibiting with my wife who has been very helpful and also enjoys making scenery.

We originally built and exhibited a layout called "Carne", then made a few micro layouts called "Grumblewick Coombe", "Fotherham" and "Hawkins Tower".  Our favourite 009 layout was "The Whitsend Tramway" exhibited around East Anglia from 2007 to 2015, then a smaller table top layout called "Nibley Knoll" from 2012 to 2017, and more, sometimes smaller layouts followed.

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The Whitsend Tramway

Then in 2017 the "steam" ran out.  I had no great ideas about what to build next in 009 scale and a complete change was made in my railway modelling, changing to a much larger 1:24 15" gauge (sometimes called Gn15) scale, and building my new exhibition layout "Longstone"along with my wife.
Nibley Knoll