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Longstone (21st layout)
An early photo of the village board.

Here is summary of the layout with some early photographs.
Legend The fictitious layout "Longstone" depicts an 15" gauge estate railway 3.25 miles long.  It runs from Longstone village southwards to Hobground sidings alongside the standard gauge York to Scarborough line near the village of Whisperdales, entirely within the estate owned by Lord Mitchell who took over ownership of the woollen mill at Spring Head.  The line started as a horse tramway in the late 19th century for transporting supplies, coal and products to and from the mill and was gradually improved by it's previous owner for use as a railway. From the Longstone Hall maintenance shed the line runs into the village station, at 1/4 of a mile there is a small halt at Spring Head (Mill), and, running over moorland at 1 1/2 miles (the steepest part of the line), the village of Dalebrook is reached where there is a passing loop and siding.  Attaining …

Figures, Animals and Birds

Figures, Animals and Birds
The first three figures I bought by Modellers Resource, and a Henry Ford & Co worker from the ICM kit.
Trying to get 1:24 scale figures and animals was a bit of a worry at first.  My first and only purchases were three workshop figures by Modellers Resource, these could be used as loco drivers or as mill workers, they are resin kits and can be positioned on many poses.  Many of the other figures I could find were proper "G" scale items, being 1:22.5 and therefore some being too large.  
However, it has been fun trying to source other suitable makes through the internet with the help of the GnATTERbox forum (Gn15info forum) and now I have several manufacturers products:
Modellers Resource, Prieser, ICM (Henry Ford  & Co kit), Graupner, Chalk Garden Rail, Deans Marine, Bachmann, Lemax, SLM online, and cheap figures from the internet of Chinese manufacture.  I have also found one or two second hand figures of unknown make at toy fairs and mode…

Building "Longstone"

Building Longstone (21st layout)

Two buildings for the "village" board.
The exhibition layout in Gn15 scale was a much larger affair.  Measuring 7ft 6" x 3ft 3" it was built on four baseboards, two being placed back-to-back with a back scene board between them, and two placed transversely at each end.  This width would give me the space to use 12" radius curves as planned-for.
(click on images to enlarge)
The underside of the layout showing the four boards built of 9mm and 6mm ply wood. The two back-to-back base boards are suspended between the end boards which have the built-in support legs.
There are scenes on three of the boards, with the fourth being used as a fiddle-yard.  Therefore, the layout will be viewed on three sides.  The scenes are a village scene, a rocky moorland area with "gill" and a bridge over a stream, and a woollen mill.
The top of the boards showing the position of the various scenic elements.  The back scene boards separate the di…