Figures, Animals and Birds

Figures, Animals and Birds

The first three figures I bought by Modellers Resource, and a Henry Ford & Co worker from the ICM kit.

Trying to get 1:24 scale figures and animals was a bit of a worry at first.  My first and only purchases were three workshop figures by Modellers Resource, these could be used as loco drivers or as mill workers, they are resin kits and can be positioned on many poses.  Many of the other figures I could find were proper "G" scale items, being 1:22.5 and therefore some being too large.  

However, it has been fun trying to source other suitable makes through the internet with the help of the GnATTERbox forum (Gn15info forum) and now I have several manufacturers products:
Modellers Resource, Prieser, ICM (Henry Ford  & Co kit), Graupner, Chalk Garden Rail, Deans Marine, Bachmann, Lemax, SLM online, and cheap figures from the internet of Chinese manufacture.  I have also found one or two second hand figures of unknown make at toy fairs and model railway exhibitions.

Some figures from these manufacturers are not exactly to scale, being slightly too small (or large!), but with careful placing some can look acceptable.

I haven't yet got my system of painting them good enough though, but I'll keep trying. "Eyes" seem to be the main problem for some reason.

US, SLM online figure.

This (under scale) old lady is a re-painted Lemax figurine. 

Examples by un-known make, Graupner, Prieser, Modellers Resource and Deans Marine.

A cheap Chinese figure which has good detail and re-painted well.

Another selection, by Chalk Garden Rail, Prieser, Deans Marine, Chinese and also unknown make.

First lady figure, by Prieser.

Another figure from the ICM Henry Ford & Co kit, as yet un-painted.

Animals and birds are hard to find.  I have some Prieser sheep, but they look like a continental breed and I had to alter them a bit to look more British.  Other sources are: some "toy farm" animals re-painted, "Miniature World" items from garden centres, though some of these are over-scale, and animals and birds cut off Lemax figurines, this though can be a bit tricky, then re-painted. 

Sheep by Prieser, some Lemax squirrels, items from Miniature World and a toy farm dog.

Lemax mouldings cut from various figurines and re-painted as chaffinch, green finch, starling, blackbird, and sparrows.

These crows came from a Lemax "Spooky Town" set.

More Lemax items removed from figurines, and painted as a jay and a collared dove.

All the above figures, animals and birds are now fixed to "Longstone".