Ellerbank - 2016

(19th layout)

Kerr Stuart "Skylark" loco No.19 at Ellerbank Station.

This layout was built out of the "Fotherham"baseboard.  The surface was smoothed, the board shortened to 48", and because I wanted a river side scene, I extended the front out about 2" and created a base for a river bed making the layout about 9" wide.  

I also added a fiddle yard board 15" long containing a sector plate with two tracks with dead ends operated by a push-to-make button switch.  And so that I could add a new loco to run back into the scenic section, I added loco storage sidings.  Once the train had left and released the trapped loco, it would run up to the loco storage and wait for the next train to arrive in the fiddle yard.

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Hunslet "Lloyd" at the water column.

The layout featured the river, with a bank partly supported by all manner of stone work and timber with drainage pipes etc., a passenger station and loop, goods shed, warehouse and yard, low relief buildings, a stream into the main river and an area of woodland.

"Lloyd" passes the woods with a goods train.

The river was made by my wife with many coats of varnish over a painted base with brown's and greens and also painted water plants.  She also made the greenery, plants and trees.

In the woods, children are playing.  We used cork chippings for the bank here.

Several figures, animals and birds (mainly Langley models) were added all over the layout of which the heron can be seen in the first picture.

Loco No. 6, a Chivers Bagnall saddle tank before re-painting.  It still ran on an Ibertren chassis from the 1980's, and with "Leader", were my favourite locomotives, as I prefer the small engines. It is running over the bridge over the stream.

The station building was a Skaledale Cricket Pavilion, the goods shed a old Heljan structure, of which so was the modified low relief "Station Tavern" pub.  The cottage was a cut down Peco Station House, and the chapel was scratch built.

Tram loco No.1 runs around the short passenger train.

No.1 pulling into the station. 

"Llew" leaves Ellerbank over the small bridge.

No. 3 "Lloyd" shunts at the goods siding.

Station and street detail.

Yard detail.

Ellerbank plan.

"Ellerbank" was exhibited 5 times after which it was sold.