Photospot 5 - Coaches

Photospot 5 - Coaches

I love coaches, and here are a few photographs of some of the coaches I had over the years.

A conversion of a Liliput 371100 coach.  
The end verandah's, floors, steps and end rails were modified and also vents and lamp tops on the roof. 

A Mikes Models kit, Corris coach conversion in the style of that lines clerestory vehicles, of which there were two , I think.

Another Mike Models kit modified to one of the coaches that had two four-wheeled bodies mounted on a bogie frame.

 At a toy fair I bought a continental HO scale 4-wheeler in the hope it could be converted to a 009 coach.  It had no markings so I didn't know what it was until a 009 Society member told me it was a Klein Modellbahn (3972) coach.  It was cut right along the middle, 3 planks were taken out to slim it down to a 009 loading gauge and the end hand rails were also altered.  It ran for many years.

Early Tregony & Newbridge Railway Liliput Waldenburg r.t.r. tram coaches.

Another tramway coach that ran on many layouts was this modified Egger Bahn (P27 or 2010)"Western" coach.

It appears I have no decent digital photo of the one and only Joe Works coach that I owned, so here is a scanned 35mm print of it behind "Leader".  It was under scale, so to make it look larger I added a clerestory roof.

These Ninelines (NL24) kits were built specially for "Carne".  I modelled them without the foot boards.

Another early T.N.R coach, originally made as a ready to run item by Liliput.

Egger Bahn OEG coach modified by P. D. Hancock for the Craig & Mertonford Railway circa 1979, as already mentioned in this Blog.

Another modified Egger OEG coach.  This one was bought secondhand somewhere, I have only added the vertical handrails (and re-painted it), it was later improved by adding stretcher bars on the chassis frame.