Wagons for Longstone

Wagons for Longstone

There are several wagon kits for sale in the Smallbrook Studio and Sidelines ranges and I have collected a few of them (some still to be made) for use on Longstone.

These kits are usually made of resin and are supplied with wheels.  In the case of Smallbrook Studios  they come with tension lock couplings.  I have continued to replace the couplings with Kadee's.  The kits are basically a body moulding, chassis frame moulding, and wheels, - very simple to make.

The mouldings are thoroughly washed to clean off any residue, then glued together with superglue.  I have used Humbrol enamel primer, then Humbrol enamel matt top coats with added weathering, but I believe good quality acrylic paints can also be used.

 The Sidelines three plank open wagon kit.  Cleanly moulded and easy to assemble.

Vehicle No's 21 and 22 are Sidelines SL501 Covered Vans.

3-plank open wagons No's 25 and 26 are Smallbrook Studio kits running on "00" scale Dapol 10ft chassis. 

No. 29. This steel mineral wagon, which I bought ready-made from a friend may be a Rockley Bottom product from a few years ago.

No.30, A Tool Chest wagon, possibly from the same manufacturer.

No's 31 - 38.  Bulkhead Flat wagons made by Sidelines (SL201).

No.40, a Sidelines SL103 Tool wagon.

I bought this wagon, No.41 from Ebay and I believe it to be a Shapeways product.

No.42, a single plank version of the above.

No. 46, a old Sidelines SL502 3-plank wagon.

No.50 an old Sidelines SL500 flat wagon.

Another Sidelines model, SL007 Tank wagon, as yet to be numbered.

I hope to add a few more wagons to the LWR stock in the next few months.